Wednesday, January 28, 2009

skipping school and work

OK, so it is not very often that I let my eight year old skip school but Monday we picked up his work for Tuesday and we were gone bright and early Tuesday morning on our way to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Why you ask, just to get out and enjoy ourselves for once! Travis and I called Lacey up and she came with us as well as my mom and dad. We were all so excited and even temperatures dipping into the negative 12 on Monday night could not stop us. We woke up early Tuesday and packed a lunch and all the clothes we could ware and bring in the back of Travis' dad's suburban and we were off with camera in hand! We were on our way to ride the sleigh through the elk herd in Jackson Hole. This is something we had not ever done together (4 Travis and I) and not since I was a little girl; it was much more expensive then when I was small but the kids didn't let out one peep of a complaint during the hour long (and very cold) sleigh ride. The temps. only reached about 12 degrees or so in Jackson Hole and still the kids were so excited and enjoyed themselves tremendously. Our lunch was frozen and it started to snow on the way home, the roads were not great and we all did not get much sleep the night before and it was still worth it. Lol! We just enjoyed the beautiful snow and scenes on the drive and were able to talk to each other in the car. Ok, so I am a little emotional over this one; it is something I remember doing from when I was a little girl and I really enjoyed getting out with my whole family and doing something together. I had a great time! Later, Amy


Liza said...

Amy, it sounds like an awesome day! Good for you guys! It's neat to be able to pass a fun tradition on to a new generation.

Micah and Jen said...

What fun! I am jealous...I wish I could have gone too! :) Thanks so much for watching my kids were a LIFE SAVER! And don't you just love Jackson!?! I am so lucky to be married to a guy that is from there so we get to see the beauty of it all the time! :) Thanks again!!!