Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Ok so this is not a star but the moon looked amazing last night about 9:30 P.M. and I just could not believe how blue the sky was, how pink the clouds were and the moon was hanging out nice and early with them all! It was an amazing contrast of colors and all natural! Sometimes we tend to over look the amazing beauty all around us in our very busy lives but if we take a few minutes to slow down and take it in it can be very rewarding. I hope you all enjoy the simply beauty before the dark hits us. Later, Amy

Monday, July 12, 2010

A healthier way

Ok so I am trying to be a littler healthier and get Eric and I up and moving a bit more this summer; so we got our bikes out of the shed, bought new tires and dug out Trevor's bike trailer. It has definitely been an experience and a wake up call for me. The first time a pull Trevor behind me he yelled the whole time" faster, faster!" I wanted to have him pull me around for a bit! LOL! The trailer is very light weight and I don't really notice it behind me but Trevor is 45 pounds of extra weight and I am not in the best of shape. We rode our bikes down to Smith's food store to pick up a few (very few, lol) groceries; not as few as I had hoped since there is a space behind Trevor (a trunk you might say) that will hold at least 10 pounds of pork chops and 4 boxes of pudding.......well you get the idea. I thought I was going to die! I get half way down our street and half to stop and rest (this was on the way back home, you have to go both ways on the bike, sometimes it would not be so bad if it was only one direction! LOL) and I look back there is little Trevor asleep! Can you imagine!? He was working so hard he was actually napping; I guess there is a bonus because he didn't yell at me to "go faster, go faster!". I don't know that I love bicycling but it is great exercise and Eric loves it; he would live on that bike! Later, Amy

Friday, July 9, 2010

The ring bearer!

Ok so I in no way have all the photos done I want done for my sister's wedding on June 25th but I thought I would post this since my baby did soooo good as the ring bearer for her and looked so handsome it made me want to cry! My neice Samantha was the flower girl and they both looked wonderful. I loved Sandi's second dress and she looked beautiful for the big day. I will post more pics of the wedding as I have time to do them. Later, Amy

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

I can't believe it is already the 4th! Travis drove in the parade again this year and I had to work during that time so my Mom went with him to help out with the kiddos. They had a ton of fun and the church that he drives for is so good to him and always has a goodie basket for him. They meet at the park after the parade and have free hot dogs and lots of fun activities. After we were both done working we headed to Lava Hot Springs to hang out with the kids, including Hailey and Lacey and all their kids. It was so great to be able to spend time with them and all the little ones. We had dinner with Shirley and tons of family and watched fireworks and then we spent the night in the tent in Lava. Thank goodness I had the next day off! LOL! I had a great time and am looking forward to next year! Later, Amy

Summer time!

So a whole lot of us went to Jenson's Grove in Blackfoot on June 26! The kids had been asking for about three weeks when we could call Jenni and go to the beach with her and her kids so I finally just called her and we went. Travis had to work but since I have odd days of the week off we packed up the car and Grandma Margaret, called Aunt Sandi who was on vacation after her wedding and hauled down to the beach. We love spending time with lots of other kids and we don't get to do it very often. We took plenty of snacks and hung out in the water for a few hours. Thanks for a great time everyone! Later, Amy

Thursday, June 17, 2010

circus time!

Ok so Juanita gave us free tickets to the circus yesterday and we all went even took my niece Paige with us. It was very cold here yesterday so I am glad I made sure everyone was in pants and took jackets because they didnt have a big top (the tent) I was so sad! It is not truly a circus without the big top! We had fun though even in the cold and the rain; it was at the Idaho Falls fair grounds and they did have sheltered seats but Trevor was too cold to watch the circus. He would pop his head out of the blanket every few minutes to see what was going on but he did not want to stay there too long. He is sooooo much my child that it makes me laugh to think what a brat I must have been for my parents. The circus shut down at intermission but we then headed over to the Army Surplus store; I know right! lol! Travis had never been in there and wanted to wander around there a bit. It is a great place to get everything from clothes to emergency candles to rainsuits and boots and socks and well you get the idea! We got to eat at Frontier Pies and the kids loved it; they have a "covered wagon top" over the table so it feels like you are eating in an old wagon, well minus the dirt, insects and bumps (ok too much today but still funny). We bought a strawberry bannana pie and took it home with us (T.J. was happy when we shared with him today). We also went back up today to get Travis a father's day gift from there. I always get lots of interesting ideas from that store. Thanks for the adventure! Later, Amy

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Family ties

Travis' mom was born in Albion, Idaho.
This is the theater Grandpa Jones ran.

Grandpa and Grandma Jones

Grandpa and Grandma Brownlee

We all went to the cemetery in Wendell, Idaho
It was so great to go to Wendell for Kristie's wedding because it gave us all an excuse to get together again. Travis spent many of his summer's here with his Grandpa Jones and tells great stories about milking cows and watching movies and well I can't decribe it all. Lol! Travis is very proud of his Grandpa and it was nice to see a part of all of these wonderful people's past. Also on the way home we went to Albion, Idaho and seen his Grandma's old house and ate lunch there. Thank you for the memories and sharing with us! Later, Amy