Sunday, December 7, 2008


So I know it has been a while but things are sooooooo crazy around the holidays. My work schedule is changing again! It is again a temp. thing but may turn into something more long term. I will be coaching other agents on their phone calls and won't have to be taking calls of my own for a few weeks, so it will be a nice change. Travis is kind of slow at the shop but keeping busy still; he is on call most of the week so he can have the weekends off witht he kids while I work. Eric is excited he has two weeks of school left and the Christmas vacation! We put our tree up in our house last night but didnt have time to start decorating. I think it will be a process this year. My niece's Paige and Samantha were just baptised last night and confirmed this morning so the boys and I went to that. Travis played Santa Clause last night for a group of kids and is off hunting geese and ducks today with my Dad. The picture portion of my computer still down but I'm working on it. Later, Amy

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Micah and Jen said...

What? Busy??? Who is busy right now!?! Just kidding! Glad to see you posted....I hope you get your pics up soon...miss seeing you guys! HOw fun for the girls baptism....hope it went great! :)