Thursday, April 8, 2010

Five Wonderful Years

Travis and I celebrated our fifth year wedding anniversary on April 2nd this year. Lacey was wonderful enough to watch the little ones for us overnight; which is quite a chore. Travis surprised me with an overnight stay at a local hotel and a candle light dinner when we got there. He did a great job keeping it a surprise and it was a wonderful night away from the normal for us. The boys joined us the next morning to "swim" in the hot tub! Lol! I am very grateful for this easy going, easy to get along with man in my life and I would be lost without him. I thank him for putting up with my crazy ways and mood swings, lol! He has done so much for me and our children and is a truly wonderful man to be married to. Later, Amy


Jenni said...

Ah....that is so sweet! :) I am glad that you found a man that treats you so well, because you deserve to be treated like a queen all the time! :) Congrats on 5 wonderful years!!!

Liza said...

Congratulations on 5 wonderful years!