Friday, September 18, 2009


Ok, if any of you know we are debating the pet situation. We have a huge yard and two very energetic boys but I am still hesitent due to the #2 being all over my yard and someone having to clean it (I am betting that someone will be me) I also am not a fan of pet hair which comes with the #2 in the yard. We were at my sister's house today and she has two cats and just seeing little Trevor wanting to love the kitty broke my heart. Trevor tortured the cat but he took it all in stride and was very good with Trevor tormenting him. So Sandi's neighbor has a dog that she really has to get rid of since her son is gone now and we are looking at taking the dog. I do hesitate since the dog is about 10 months old and a little high strung since right now it is confined to a very small back yard and a very little kennel most of the time. So any advice on that would be appreciated. Later, Amy


Micah and Jen said...

Go for it! Stop being a wimp and get a PET!!! Austin drags his sad little stuffed puppy around on a string saying he's taking it for a walk. We asked him if he wanted a real pupppy....he said no, the just poop and whine and chew up stuff....he just likes his stuffed one! :)

Liza said...

I'm with Jen! Go for it with the puppy! The kids will love having a dog & you can teach them so much about responsibility with sure that they know that in addition to fun, they have to do a little work with a dog.