Friday, September 18, 2009

House work!

It is not pretty folks but there used to be two large holes right here that are now large mismatched drywall! I hope it looks better after tape and mud.
This is a very ugly and generic light cover but it works and came with the seal for the shower. Travis could do nothing but laugh at my great concern over the ugliness of this light cover!

Ok, I thought I would post and let everyone know what we are doing. I am just keeping busy with work, two kids, a husband and a big house and yard, no biggie! Lol! Travis and I finally got the light covers on the shower lights; they are not my favorite but are functional and the only "shower" light covers for a cam in all of Lowe's. Also i have been busy doing repairs and fixes as well as trying to control the wasp population at our house. I finally put the dry wall back into place and repaired the holes from moving the washer and dryer downstairs and capping off the water lines in the kitchen wall, so I don't have to see pipelines in my kitchen when I cook now! Yah! We have a friend coming over in the next few days to tape and mud the repairs I just did. I also torn out the caulk from around the bathtub upstairs and re-caulked it and since I had my upstairs bathroom all torn apart, I did a deep cleaning of the floors and base boards. So not a lot of fun but I hope I can keep up with this house. We are starting to rearrange the kitchen for the pantry to be put in place and doors put up to cover up the mess but I have a feeling that it is still a few months out, lol! Later, Amy

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Micah and Jen said...

WOW! You have been busy! Want to come and finish my house next? I am super impressed that YOU are the one doing all the work! What a woman! :) Travis better realize how lucky he is! And the light isn't THAT bad! :)