Monday, July 27, 2009

Memorial baseball tournament

Ok so once again this year (yes it is already here) we spent this weekend at NOP Park in Pocatello with 18 baseball teams for the Brad Jones/ Bob Prescott Memorial baseball tournament. It is a great tournament and teams come from all over to join; the money raised goes to the Lions Club and is used for charities. This is something that Travis' nephew Kory has started to really run with Laeloni, his mom and Travis' sister. They do a great job and it is a lot of work but come Sunday evening we are mostly in tears. Kory's team placed 3rd this year which was really exciting and the 2nd place went to a team from Arco and the 1st place to a team right here in Pocatello. Travis and I were really able to relax and enjoy oursleves because my mom and dad had the boys for a camping trip over the weekend. It was very hot outside and we sat under the portable canopy Travis and I bought this year (I still managed a great sunburn!) Kory's team donated the plaque to Brad's mom (aka Travis' Mom) at the awards ceromony and it was really worth the two days in the sun. Later, Amy


Micah and Jen said...

I'm glad it went well....even if you did get a sunburn!:)

Liza said...

That is very cool Amy! Sounds like it was a great weekend! Hey, I can sunburn sitting under a tent too!