Monday, April 6, 2009

tile up

Ok, I have not been lost, lol! We had a busy week and weekend. Thursday was Travis' and my wedding anniversary and we went out on Saturday to celebrate. It was nice to be able to hang with my wonderful hubby without worrying about the kiddos. Terry and Todd were nice enough to bring Kayden over and have a sleep over with our kids at the house while Travis and I went out to dinner and a Hotel. It was very nice to just kick back and watch t.v. without having to watch cartoons or yell at someone to be quite. Sunday we worked on cleaning out the thin set from the grout lines in the shower and we were able to get Terry and Tod to put the grout down on the floor in the bathroom so only the grout in the shower is left. Travis and I have also hit the 10 pound mark today! It has been going really slow on the diet and we struggle with it but we are still taking it one week at a time and the extra support from Travis' sisters and his work seem to keep us in line. We are excited and will continue to battle the bulge together. Later, Amy

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Micah and Jen said...

Happy LATE Anniversary! So fun to get away....I am soooo jealous! :) And YAY for your shower. It looks great!!! You'll lose it....and how fun to be able to do it with your hubby!