Wednesday, June 10, 2009

working bathroom

Travis picked out these lovely light covers; they are a dark brown when turned off.

A door knob!

The sink and cabinet with the hand towel bar.

The sink and new toilet.

The shower heads are here!

Ok, so we are so excited to be so close to finishing the bathroom downstairs finally. The plumber came out last friday and installed the sink, toilet and showers! We can now use our bathroom! We have some finishing touches and details to see to but we have already showered in the huge new shower and it makes it worth all the work that went into it. Lol! We still have trim to put up and shelves to install, a medicine cabinet to hang.....well u get the idea. We love it and it is still a work in progress. Later, Amy


Micah and Jen said...

It looks sooooo nice....and I'm super jealous! :) Great job!!!

Liza said...

The bathroom looks great Amy! I love that shower!