Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We're alive

Hi, everyone! We didn't forget you but things have been crazy! We have been getting ready for graduation on Friday and the party on Saturday, as well as working full time and remodeling the bathroom (yes, still) We have paint on the walls finally and I am just finishing the trim for the floor and doors so it can go up then the installation work can begin for that and everything else. Eric is very busy in school and had his awards ceremony today. Trevor is in the mist of potty training, very reluctantly. Lacey is working full time and started college on the 18th of the month. She is doing very well and bought her lap top and signed up for an internet provider for her on-line class. She took the hardest class first to get it out of the way and is hoping to get the few basics in this summer in time to get into the fall program for massage therapy. We are very excited for her. I promise I will take a ton of photos for everyone! The internet has been for almost a month and the computer had to be taken in for repairs. Later, Amy

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Micah and Jen said...

I am so glad you guys are still around! :) I was seriously begining to wonder there! It's been busy here too....I think May is the worst month for busy all year long!!! Good luck with the graduation/party. I would come, but Skyler is graduating the same night and I should probably go to it...since he is my little brother! :) Can't wait for pics!!!