Thursday, June 17, 2010

circus time!

Ok so Juanita gave us free tickets to the circus yesterday and we all went even took my niece Paige with us. It was very cold here yesterday so I am glad I made sure everyone was in pants and took jackets because they didnt have a big top (the tent) I was so sad! It is not truly a circus without the big top! We had fun though even in the cold and the rain; it was at the Idaho Falls fair grounds and they did have sheltered seats but Trevor was too cold to watch the circus. He would pop his head out of the blanket every few minutes to see what was going on but he did not want to stay there too long. He is sooooo much my child that it makes me laugh to think what a brat I must have been for my parents. The circus shut down at intermission but we then headed over to the Army Surplus store; I know right! lol! Travis had never been in there and wanted to wander around there a bit. It is a great place to get everything from clothes to emergency candles to rainsuits and boots and socks and well you get the idea! We got to eat at Frontier Pies and the kids loved it; they have a "covered wagon top" over the table so it feels like you are eating in an old wagon, well minus the dirt, insects and bumps (ok too much today but still funny). We bought a strawberry bannana pie and took it home with us (T.J. was happy when we shared with him today). We also went back up today to get Travis a father's day gift from there. I always get lots of interesting ideas from that store. Thanks for the adventure! Later, Amy

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